Debunking Common Myths about Industrial Accident Claims

After being involved in an industrial accident, you might meet with an industrial accident attorney to talk about filing a claim. Even though filing a claim is usually a simple process, some details can get confusing, making the process unnecessarily complicated.

There are several myths associated with the industrial accident claims process that you may blindly believe if you do not talk to your industrial accident attorney beforehand. Below, we debunk these myths and present to you the facts.

Myth #1: Gathering Evidence Is Tough

The large amounts of paperwork can discourage you from making an industrial accident claim. It can be stressful to compile paperwork and file it within the statute of limitations.

However, an industrial accident attorney can help you compile paperwork and ensure that everything is in order to make a successful claim.

Myth #2: You Will Lose Your Job If You File an Industrial Accident Claim

Many people do not pursue industrial accident claims because they fear losing their jobs. However, the reality is that your employer cannot dismiss you for filing a claim.

In fact, you are legally protected from your employer taking action against you for filing an industrial accident claim.

Myth #3: Minor Injuries Are Not Worth Filing a Claim Over

Many people believe that they should not file a claim if they have minor injuries: that is far from the truth. Even if you only have a few bruises and bumps, you should still file a claim to pursue compensation for your medical expenses.

Myth #4: You Will Have To Attend All Hearings

While there will be some hearings that could last for hours, you will not have to endure these hearings all the time. Sometimes, you will not even have to step foot inside a courtroom if you work with your industrial accident attorney.

Myth #5: You Can File Whenever You Want

Time is not waiting for you to get ready and file your industrial accident claim. Most states have a statute of limitations that prevents you from filing a claim after a certain period of time has passed.

The time frame starts on the day of your accident. Therefore, it is wise to talk to an industrial accident attorney immediately after the accident to ensure that legal proceedings are brought on time.

We hope we have debunked some of the many myths about industrial accident claims. Remember, if you have been involved in an industrial accident, you have the right to:

  • File an industrial accident claim;
  • Pursue compensation for medical expenses; and
  • Clear any confusing details with an industrial accident attorney.

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