What Are Criminal Sexual Conduct And Its Degrees?

With the increasing population, many criminal activities are happening worldwide. The occurrence happens due to increased population, fewer employment opportunities, and advanced internet usage. People are moving with the internet service and all the unique activities happening over the World Wide Web.

One of the joint criminal activities is sexual conduct. From 2 to 30 years, every woman was a victim of sexual assault. To provide justice to the women of society, many degrees are made to give punishment to criminals.

Every country has different rights to protect its citizen; similarly, Michigan CSC Degrees have formulated to provide punishment to the guilty and let others know what it will take to protect the victim.

What Are The Types Of CSC Degrees?

1) CSC 1st Degree

It is one of the harshest charges; this charge involves sexual penetration, which means child molestation, rape, and sexual assault. The penalties for the criminal sexual conduct 1st degree are forever life in prison. The sex offender under the age of 13 is sentenced to 25years of imprisonment.

Sexual assault circumstances happen by using a weapon, internal injury, and mental disturbance.

2) CSC 2nd Degree

In Michigan, the second degree involves touching a person for sexual gratification, revenge, anger, or humiliation. It does not include penetration, but here the penalties lie up to 15 years in prison or jail.

Sexual contact such as when you are armed, bodily injury, mentally disabled, and more.

3) CSC 3rd Degree

This degree or crime is more complicated than others and is also called statutory rape. The penetration occurs through oral and genital with the minors, older or disabled. The third degree has a minimum of 1 year of jail but carries a sentence of up to 15 years upon conviction.

It happens mostly in school-going children who have girlfriends and boyfriends with not having proper maturity of physical relations.

4) CSC 4th Degree

It is considered when low felony crimes involve unwanted touching sexually. It involves touching a person with the natural sexual. It is mainly seen in families, by relatives, friends, and more.

So these are the above four degrees of criminal sexual conduct with the charges, penalties, why it happened, and what kinds of reasons.

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