Everything To Know About 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

A charge of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct is one of the most serious that can be brought against a person today. There are essentially four distinct severity levels associated with sexual assault. The worst of the four types of sexual assault crimes involves penetration, so the first degree is the most serious.

What it means if you or someone you know is under investigation for or formally charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct (such as sexual assault).

First, this means that your accuser asserts that you engaged in sexual penetration with them; this could be oral, anal, or vaginal.

Furthermore, this implies that the accused tried or had sex with the accuser when the latter was 13 or younger. You’re related, the perpetrator had sex with the accuser, and the accuser was younger than 13 at the time. The other possibility is that the accused and the accuser were between the ages of 13 and 15 and that sex took place. In the most recent case, the accuser has claimed they experienced mental illness because of sexual assault.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Of The First Degree Includes The Following

If you’re confused about what kinds of behavior constitute 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, here is a complete list just for you.

  • If the accuser is 13 or younger, sexual contact with them.
  • Sexual contact with the accuser if the accuser is between the ages of 13 and 16.
  • If you are related to the accuser by more than four degrees of affinity or blood.
  • In the role of the victim, if you are a family member or roommate of the offender. You are in a position of authority over either the accuser or the victim, and the accuser has used this power to coerce the victim.

Your First Degree Sexual Assault Défense

False allegations of sexual assault in the first degree are not uncommon. That’s why it’s not unusual to face charges because of a disagreement with a close friend, family member, or former partner.

Allegations of sex crimes have also been linked to breakups, divorces, and custody battles. The worst part is that people will assume your guilt even if you are innocent of criminal sexual conduct, especially if a minor is involved.


A competent attorney will examine all the evidence and point out any discrepancies or contradictions in the alleged victim’s testimony to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

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