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What is SEO for Attorney Websites?

by Niel
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The procedure to attract more clients with several technical strategies towards a particular law firm webpage is known as Attorney Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Obtaining a decent first page rank in the SERPs like Google can be fruitful for the law firm and aid the attorney SEO. Research shows that online search is always dominant over offline searches and word of mouth.

To obtain a first page rank in Google’s SERPs, the lawyer SEO must have some integral components such as proper keyword searching, a well responsive and organized website, sufficient link building measures, and a few more. Some of these components enhance the rank of the lawyer SEO and help in link building.

Requirements For an Attorney SEO

These techniques and strategies result in maximum visibility of the law firm online. Now we’ll look into those techniques.

  • Keyword Research – Keyword searching is mainly used for finding what and how about the people’s searches based on the law firm’s services. The process of keyword searching is brought to action by some professional techniques and tools. Google Keyword Planner, SpyFu, SEMRush and Ahrefs are some of these tools.This is a comparatively easy technique to rank up as the conversion rate is much higher.These keywords are often used to relate to the commercial intent of the viewer.
  • Optimization of Website –  The basic requirement for the entire thing is a responsive website design. An organized and gridded site structure is necessary for the site. A navigation bar containing the law firm’s services should be incorporated. A definite “Contact Us” page and the case studies of the firm is absolutely necessary. A good UI/UX design will not only enhance the site but also retain the visitors.

The basic requirement in the optimization of a website is URL optimization so that the client is directed to the correct webpage. Trust factor can be generated by utilising blogs that have been written by major clients. 

  • Attorney’s Local SEO – The Local SEO’s tend to optimize for some specific locations considering the searching frequency. In case of multiple offices, the website must provide valid links for each office for the local audience. The success rate may fetch you a top three rank in the Google SERPs of the local areas. It is necessary to create and claim one’s GMB ( Google’s My Business) listing for the betterment of your firm.
  • Link Building – This tactic is one of the best among all the other methods. Google can easily recognise trustworthy sites with a huge amount of variety of inbound links. A healthy profile link can be ensured if the inbound links cover a wide range of domains. The users can be redirected to respective service websites by using the blogs. If one can provide important law news on the webpage, then also link building is highly possible.  


As per the National Law Review, about 96% of people use a search engine’s help while seeking legal advice. This is why an attorney’s SEO is essential. Having a proper set of services and a decent rank on the SERPs makes a law firm relatively stable.